Workability Consultants


For more than 30 years, WORKABILITY has provided business consulting to business owners, management teams, and individuals in many different industries and professions, including finance, insurance, fashion, education, real estate, retail, restaurant and food services, advertising, entertainment, legal, and medical.

Matt Adriance has been a WORKABILITY consultant since 1988. Having successfully consulted with a variety of organizations, Matt has developed a particular expertise in working with multigenerational family businesses and executive teams to achieve a level of excellence and satisfaction consistent with their personal and organizational vision. In addition to his proven skill in educating people to communicate more effectively, Matt is an accomplished and dynamic presenter and workshop leader, having trained thousands of people in personal effectiveness, presentation skills, and sales instruction.


Ken Davidson has been a WORKABILITY consultant since 1982. Specializing in working with senior-level executives and leadership teams, Ken provides the consistent challenge needed to excel beyond perceived limitations.  He has worked with a broad range of organizations, with a particular focus on creating a culture that fosters personal responsibility, effective communication, and alignment of purpose. Ken also specializes in delivering sales training and presentation development programs designed to dramatically increase results by implementing a proven model of selling based on partnership, trust, and service.


Jennifer Geyer began working at WORKABILITY in 2003. She quickly advanced to Office Manager and in 2005 became a WORKABILITY consultant. She has used her skills in communication, organization, and management to educate her clients to be more productive, to make a larger contribution to their organizations, and to become true leaders. In addition to individual consulting, Jennifer also leads consulting groups focused on a variety of topics including developing and strengthening interpersonal communication, exploring what it is to be 100% accountable, and clarifying one’s intent and purpose.


Kathryn Geyer has been a WORKABILITY consultant since 2010. She started her career with WORKABILITY as an assistant in the office in 2005 while studying for her B.S. in Biology. The requirements and demands of working in the main office helped her to develop the necessary skills to be a consultant and broadened her ability to work with a diversity of clients. Her strong background in the sciences has been a continuous source of new ideas in the organization. One particular area in which she specializes is the abstract of personal responsibility and its linear relationship to power and enhanced well-being.


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