No one knows your business better than you do, so we don’t make recommendations. Rather, we offer tools that you can use to better understand your true intentions and capabilities. Our consultants will educate you about personal responsibility and effective communication and how these two primary tenets of our programs can increase your effectiveness, satisfaction, productivity, and performance.

The consultant’s job is to ask questions designed to help you see what it will require for you to have the degree of success and satisfaction you want. These well-crafted and penetrating questions can inspire you to broaden your awareness of your performance and communication, and unchain you from the habitual and persistent ways that you tend to think, speak, and listen. As you come to recognize your responsibility, you will no longer point your finger at circumstances, other people, the economy, or a shortage of time.  Instead, you will look within yourself, which gives you the chance to come up with new ideas and find solutions that had previously escaped you.  Great performances are outgrowths of that introspection.

Our clients are usually already successful and effective people who want more. Many of our clients say that although they have accomplished a great deal in their lives, they are still not as satisfied and effective as they suspect they could be. Our work is designed for people who are looking for more than just “making it.” It is for those who are determined to be great, who are willing to stand out, and who are interested in the profound satisfaction that comes from embracing and meeting the challenges of fulfilling their purpose in life. Our work is not to make our clients great; rather, it is to help them experience their own greatness – to harness it and express it.

Our consulting program consists of weekly meetings of one hour and forty-five minutes. While we typically meet one-to-one, we also provide group consulting with two to six people.