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Burton Geyer created WORKABILITY with the belief that satisfaction and successful performance – both in business and in life – are the results of effective communication. Those who have worked with Burton would describe him first and foremost as an educator, consistent with the definition that education is the process of bringing something out from people, rather than placing something into them.  If you were to ask Burton to describe exactly what he does, he would say, “I listen, and I ask what I consider to be important questions. Then I listen some more; I never advise.” This statement succinctly reveals WORKABILITY’s approach and philosophy: We all have what we need to be successful and profoundly satisfied. By asking challenging questions and conducting conversations about essential work and life dynamics – including accountability, communication, and effectiveness – Burton’s work is to help people produce the results that are consistent with what really matters to them.

Posted below are some of Burton’s writings that will give you a further understanding of his philosophy and his work.

The Misunderstood Art of Effectiveness

I’m pleased to share with you that we are launching a new program: The Misunderstood Art of Effectiveness. If you have participated in any of our programs or groups, you’ve come to know that we won’t be approaching effectiveness using … Continue reading

Thinking for yourself

When I was young, I had a friend Alex. I’d frequently come home with what my mom called, “Alex stories.” He was quite a rambunctious kid. Wild, actually. Occasionally, because we were friends, we would get into trouble with the … Continue reading


I was reminiscing the other day about an old TV show from the ‘50s called Who Do You Trust?, and it started me thinking. I wondered how many people . . . no, I wondered if you have anybody you … Continue reading

A meaningful life…A life that matters…A life of importance

Take some time – I mean, right now, as you’re reading this – and think about what’s important to you. I’m sure you’ve thought about the question many times before, and I know it’s probably quite a long list that … Continue reading

On Communication

We all think we do it, and yet, there isn’t much of it. Communication makes life go smoothly, and we all know that without it, every worthwhile intention is defeated, nothing useful gets accomplished, and everything rolling will soon grind … Continue reading