New Online Course!

Posted on July 16th, 2020

Workability has its first online course available!  It is amazing to consider that when I started Workability back in the ’70’s, I walked from meeting to meeting and checked for messages by using a payphone.  The world has rapidly transitioned to the virtual world…especially now with COVID-19.  I am very pleased that Workability has weathered and remained relevant during so many shifts and changes in our world.  Our commitment to the fundamentals of well-being remains constant and is even more important than ever. You certainly don’t need another opinion to realize the cacophony that the digital age has brought.  Our endeavor, as ever, is to be the eye of the storm.  Our new online offerings will be consistent with what we have always provided.  What will be different, for now, is the price.  Our first mini-course will be $149.  The lower price point along with the new style of delivery will hopefully encourage people who haven’t worked with us to join in.  We continue to build a community of dedicated people endeavoring excellence.


Here’s the link: