Your success in business and in life depends on being able to satisfy four essential conditions: first, you need a clear mind; second, you need to establish your priorities; third, you need to be accountable; and fourth, the most important of all, you need to keep your word. You are probably thinking, “Easier said than done!” That’s why we’re here – The Essentials Of Effectiveness™ can help.

WORKABILITY®’s THE ESSENTIALS OF EFFECTIVENESS™ program provides you with an opportunity to address the way you get things done. We will consider some of the ways in which you may be undermining your effectiveness by cluttering your mind (with all the tasks, incomplete communications, and details of your life). You will get the chance to see what interferes with having that clear mind.

Many people often miss the essential value of introspection. It is critically important to examine not only what you think, but also how you think. Find out how your thinking either helps or interferes with your being the person you want to be.

THE ESSENTIALS OF EFFECTIVENESS™ presents our “Technology for Effectiveness™.” You will learn simple – but amazingly potent – techniques and ideas for increasing your power and performance. This technology will train you in the basic dynamics of managing your ideas, your plans, your tasks, and your communications more effectively. You will also begin a process of exploring your relationship to your word and to being accountable. These dynamics are two of your most important assets.

In the second half of the program you will receive WORKABILITY®’s WORK SYSTEM® which consists of a leather binder and a year’s supply of Day’s Plan and other pages you can use to implement the technology. After using THE WORK SYSTEM® for several months, you may choose to use another system, but you will have a newly developed effectiveness and discipline in using whatever system you prefer.

Whether you use an electronic or pen-and-paper organizer, applying the methods and techniques you learn in this program, and following our ten simple rules, will enhance your ability to produce the results you’ve always known were possible. Because you handle things more effectively, your priorities will become more evident.

For many people, the program will be life-altering. Clients have reported that creativity and resourcefulness have dramatically increased because our “Technology for Effectiveness™” is specifically designed to reduce your need for memory and recall. You, with your increased understanding of yourself and a greater sense of accountability, may find that old and self-imposed limitations disappear immediately. Or it may take place over time, as you continue to practice what you have learned.

Our goal is that you experience less of the stress that goes along with not living up to your own standards and not fulfilling your dreams and that you discover that increased effectiveness and peace of mind replace the reasons, explanations, rationalizations, and excuses that at one time seemed valid.