Workability Programs Purpose and Objectives



Communication is the lifeblood of every organization and all relationships.  Yet in many company trainings that simple fact is often overlooked and usually taken for granted. George Bernard Shaw said it best when he wrote that “the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  

Communication remains the most universally acknowledged challenge that we face in making our organizations function purposefully, effectively, and in a way that satisfies our fundamental drive to make our fullest contribution to what matters most to us.  

For more than 40 years, WORKABILITY has brought its unique, tried and true perspectives on this timeless subject to thousands of individuals and teams, helping them to sort out and identify the true meaning of communication, and guiding them to an inherent authentic understanding of what it takes to make profound progress.

The WORKABILITY Communication Series is a course in the fundamentals of communication.  As in any endeavor, identifying and employing the fundamentals is essential to consistent successful performance.  Communicating effectively is not rocket science, but it usually requires both undoing limiting historical patterns of thinking and behavior as well as incorporating fresh perspectives and practices.  

In this program you and/or your team will have the opportunity to see what prevents effective communication, as well as to discover ways of thinking that open possibilities for improved interaction and results.  This program is designed for people who are sufficiently receptive to unconventional perspectives that challenge even the most open minds to unveil the power and possibilities of more effective communication.

This 3-month program for individuals or groups of 8 participants includes 70 minutes of self-paced videos and a comprehensive workbook along with regular individual or group meetings that help tailor the insights and conceptual frameworks for the specific workplace environment.  The sessions are a laboratory for participants to maximize the benefit they get from the program.  Much like physical exercise, this effort helps build and strengthen the muscles needed to realize and incorporate the teachings from The Communication Series.

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