A Workshop in Expressing Your Remarkable Self

Perhaps the most important and elusive question to address in life is “who am I?”  Without an investigation into this question, what do we use to determine whether we are being true to ourselves or, said differently, whether we’re living with integrity?  Our ability to have the kind of satisfying and productive relationships we’re capable of, and profoundly desirous of, demands that we take a deeper look into our inner landscape to find and express what is our true voice. 

Whether you know it or not, you are remarkable, an extraordinary individual with talents and abilities far greater than you likely know.  This discovery process, for seemingly everyone, requires courage, the willingness to stretch, risk, and venture out of your comfort area to experience more of who you are and what you’re capable of.  

The Courage to Connect is a five-part workshop over the course of two months, filled with opportunities to challenge the way you think, the way you look at yourself and life, and open possibilities previously unrecognized or perhaps even given up on.  

For most of us, left to our business-as-usual ways, we do just fine, but experientially, we know we’re living only a fraction of what’s possible for us and for the people we care about.  

This workshop is an endeavor to unlock and release more of your natural ability to connect with others and to benefit from the partnerships that come from that connection.  You will likely find that the limitations in your experience of connection with others is more in your hands than you’ve previously considered.

Join us for this challenging adventure, dare to explore the power that lives in you and discover the benefits for you and everyone you care about.

The program takes place in five three-hour videoconference sessions.  The program is limited to seven participants.  Enroll here.