Your success in business and in life depends on being able to satisfy four essential conditions: First, you need a clear and uncluttered mind; Second, you need to establish and never forget your priorities; Third, you need to be accountable and not argue that you’re not; and Fourth, the most important of all, you need to keep your word. You are probably thinking, “Easier said than done!” That’s why we’re here – THE ESSENTIALS OF EFFECTIVENESS can help.

WORKABILITY’s THE ESSENTIALS OF EFFECTIVENESS provides you with an opportunity to investigate the way you get things done. It is critically important to examine not only what you think, but also the way you think, and to find out how your thinking either helps or hinders your performance.

This program addresses some of the common ways in which you may be undermining your effectiveness, such as crowding your mind (with countless tasks and incomplete communications), misidentifying your priorities, denying accountability, and avoiding making (or not keeping) promises. It gives you the chance to see exactly what it takes to live up to your own standards.

The program provides simple and remarkably potent techniques for increasing your ability to get things done and for improving your performance. These critically important tools are designed to enhance your ability to manage your ideas, your plans, your tasks, and your communication more effectively.  Part of the program includes The Formula for Effectiveness™, which begins a process of exploring your relationship to giving your word, to keeping your word, and to being accountable, and why these dynamics are your most important assets.

You will receive THE WORK SYSTEM®, developed by WORKABILITY Inc. in 1979. This leather-binder organizing system is designed to assist you in implementing The Formula for Effectiveness. After using THE WORK SYSTEM for several months, you will have developed a new level of effectiveness that you can apply to whatever system you prefer.

Your disciplined use of THE WORK SYSTEM and the application of our Technology for Effectiveness™ (consisting of nine simple rules) can greatly improve your ability to get things done and administrate all areas of responsibility. Consequently, because you will perform more effectively, your priorities will become more evident and your goals more attainable.

To further explore and get the most benefit from the many abstracts discussed in THE ESSENTIALS OF EFFECTIVENESS, we suggest enrolling in our follow-up Consulting Group that consists of four two-hour phone meetings with a group of four people.  If you’re ready to enroll, click here.