Have you ever wondered why there are times when you can’t think of a great response, answer, or idea in the middle of a conversation, and why that great response often occurs to you afterward? Imagine the effect on your work and on your life if all your talents were available to you on the spot.

The ability to communicate and present yourself without being self-conscious can make the difference between being competent and being great. Imagine what your work and your life would be like if you were able to feel at ease and confident in all circumstances and with all people. What if you were able to fully express yourself wherever you were? Imagine your work and your life if you were able to communicate assertively and effectively, without being encumbered by self-doubt.

What is it, specifically, that interferes with your ability to act and communicate as capably as you know you can – at all times, with all people, and in all circumstances? Our sales and presentation training programs address that question and mark the beginning of a process that will help you discover how to be increasingly more connected and comfortable with more people.


Selling is an essential life skill. Whether you want to lead your company, increase your number of customers, influence others, or change an unworkable condition in your organization, inspiring or “selling” others is a required skill. THE SALES TRAINING provides conceptual and experiential learning that we tailor to your particular needs, whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional. The training typically begins with a one-day workshop and is followed by six to twelve three-hour sessions. It is offered both for small groups and for individuals.

At the beginning of the training, you will be introduced to THE SEVEN ELEMENTS OF THE SALES PROCESS™. With this proven framework as a guide, we provide you with challenging simulations of the selling situations you either have faced or expect to face. Through videotaped role-playing, this training prepares you to more effectively address the most difficult selling circumstances with more confidence and less fear.

Before the training begins, we will ask you to complete an extensive questionnaire to ensure that we address the specific dynamics you want to improve. These dynamics often include proficiently managing dreaded questions, recovering from awkward moments, and being assertive and self-assured.


THE SALES AND PRESENTATION WORKSHOP is a challenging, intense, and demanding four-part exploration that is designed to bring forth your natural ability, regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself. By examining your communication and the way you present yourself, you can identify what has helped you achieve great success at some moments and what has caused you to fumble at others.

Everyone in the group has the opportunity to participate in exercises and discussions that are designed to reveal what it is that interferes with always being at your best and what it takes to present yourself with potency, clarity, and confidence all the time.

This four-evening program includes some of our most demanding exercises that are designed to reveal the circumstances in which you are least effective. We believe that once you are able to present yourself with poise in the settings where you are least comfortable, you will be able to maintain that assuredness whether you are talking with your spouse or the President of the United States.

All of our sales and presentation work is for highly motivated people who bring a strong determination to go beyond perceived limitations to produce greater results, while engaging in an education that can last a lifetime.

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