In the turbulence of our times and with so many assumptions about our future upended, we designed a program for those eager to play a part in shaping our uncertain world.  To reawaken “ways of being” and dreams that may have been suspended or forgotten, THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME is for those who dare to step out of the confines they are accustomed to, to innovate and re-invent themselves.   

Imagine a spring cleaning, going through your closet to sort through what is worn out or no longer fits.  We make piles of what to give away and what to keep.  And, we often discover lost treasures. For example, the jacket that you bought and thought at the time was a bit too daring.  Or a hat you wore on vacation because you allowed yourself to experiment with a new look.  While sometimes a challenging or even a daunting process, spring cleaning can be very rewarding and satisfying. 

THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME is a spring cleaning for your inner world.  We sometimes think we are stuck in how we see ourselves, acting in certain ways, or responding in habitual patterns that no longer work.  This can lead to feelings of frustration, guilt, restlessness, and other forms of stress.  It is in this mode that we forget about aspects of ourselves that we cherish and long to still be expressing.

In THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME you will examine, sort through, and identify which aspects of your thinking and behaviors are your strongest qualities, and which are outdated, no longer fit, are too limiting, or are a relic of who you used to be, but no longer are.

You’ll try on a variety of roles in scenarios both real and imagined.  Through a series of conversations and exercises, you will create a practical and personal compass and a roadmap to use as a reference to help you stay connected to and express your one and only true voice. 

The program consists of six two-hour sessions delivered one-to-one or in a small group format (for up to six participants).  If you’re ready to enroll, click here.