The Wake Up Call



This is a unique time in our lives . . . certainly in your business, obviously in our country, and definitely in the world. Making the right decisions at the right time, while always important, is now critical. It used to be good enough to be results oriented; that is now insufficient. It is a time to be results determined. This is a time when those who are the most conscious, attentive, focused, and alert will flourish and thrive.

This is not the time for conventional thinking and conventional responses, for hunkering down, circling the wagons, or riding out the storm. Not all storms can be waited out, economic or otherwise; the bad ones can be unforgiving. As is true with most conventional thinking, it generally doesn’t work, and it is often wrong. The true leaders of business and of our time see today’s circumstances as an opportunity.

THE WAKE UP CALL is designed to awaken, reawaken, remind you of your priorities, inspire the greatest productivity, reduce your worries, and promote the greatest satisfaction. So often in life when one experiences a “wake-up call,” it lasts only for a brief time, and then life returns to “business as usual.” The problem is that most people, most of the time, soon go back to sleep. This is not a program for people who hit the snooze button and simply hope for the best.

After a trying time or jarring event, people frequently say that they’ve been reminded of what is really important to them and that they are now focused on their priorities. This program is designed to encourage and enhance that sort of clarity before the upsetting event happens. We challenge you, ask provocative questions, and assertively assist you in keeping your attention on what is going to serve you and your business best.

THE WAKE UP CALL offers a demanding environment in which you can examine and challenge your thinking and your communication, both speaking and listening, so you can look from perspectives that may not have occurred to you before. By taking a close look at how you approach your business and your life, together we will work to assess what works and what doesn’t, to determine where your worries and conventionality may be limiting and preventing you from effectively leading and creating the future you want. While this won’t be a rude awakening, it won’t be a polite one either.

This program is designed for people who embrace the challenge of living true to what they know is possible, and who realize that greatness does not come from conventional thinking and conduct. It is intended to strengthen your ability to see more possibilities, take more effective action, create opportunities that align with your organization’s purpose, and inspire and lead others.