The opportunity to be remarkable is always present. Recognizing and seizing this opportunity requires relentlessly questioning what is possible, an ongoing effort to challenge the way you see things, and the willingness to risk the status quo for something better. WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A REMARKABLE LEADER explores what is required, both individually and within an organization, to expand your current thinking in order to produce the results you want.

Over the close to thirty years that we have been delivering our work, our clients have consistently told us of their desire to create and be part of something remarkable – to participate in a venture that they consider meaningful and significant. One thing is certain: This desire to be at our best is a necessary start to producing something remarkable. It is, however, just a start. Those who continually pursue the challenge of removing self-imposed limitations significantly strengthen their ability to be remarkable in everything that they endeavor.

WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A REMARKABLE LEADER is designed to increase your ability to make choices that promote partnership and enhance communication, effectiveness, and satisfaction. You will be challenged to examine more closely how, when, and where you are accountable. The process of taking responsibility encourages new ideas, creative problem solving, and more effective communication. Through challenging discussions and engaging exercises, you can become aware of the specific steps necessary to realize your intentions as an individual, for your organization, and for all of your ventures.

Specifically, some of the topics discussed include:

  • The Formula for Effectiveness
  • Working in an atmosphere of freedom vs. working in an atmosphere of fear
  • Truthful and responsible communication
  • The power and importance of giving and keeping one’s word
  • The qualities of leadership
  • Sources of – and limits to – effectiveness and satisfaction
  • The strength of partnership
  • Inspiring a culture of responsibility

WHAT IT TAKES TO BE A REMARKABLE LEADER is a challenging investigation of what it is that sets the best apart. The workshop is designed to begin a process in which you will gain a greater sense of your responsibility and role in contributing to a culture that brings forth the highest quality of individual performance, as well as a dedication to excellence.  If you’re ready to enroll, click here.