The focus of our work is to enhance your communication and to expand your sense of personal responsibility. We don’t give advice, and we don’t tell you what you should do. Our job is to ask you the important questions that help you come to a decision, a conclusion, and an understanding that will help you produce greater results, be more effective, and have deeper satisfaction. You are the expert in your business, and we are experts at questioning, investigating, challenging the status quo, and providing education to help you perform the way you imagine or know is possible.

Our work often begins by examining how your communication or lack of communication can either help you produce more results than you previously thought possible or create obstacles. We define communication as “action that puts people on common ground.” By communicating – instead of telling, debating, insisting, manipulating, bickering, arguing, ordering, and convincing – the opportunities for creating partnerships, teams, and synergistic environments greatly increase. We also address your ability to listen effectively – including how open you are to new ideas, your proficiency in making sufficient distinctions, and your willingness to change your mind.

Our fundamental belief is that we are all far more capable, intelligent, creative, resourceful, and competent than we think. Given that, some important questions arise: Why, at times, do we act as though we are restricted, think that we can’t do much more than we are already doing, or say that our hands are tied? Why does realizing or achieving our purpose in life sometimes seem so far out of reach? Our work is to help you come to realize that not only are you your worst enemy, but you are also your greatest asset – It’s your choice!  And most importantly, you have the choice.